I want to Thank Dr. Dabney for his time and caring nature. Most doctors would not go this extra mile for the health and wellbeing of their patents. He has been there to help me thru my medical problems. He listens and he cares. I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me.

- Debra Ann.

Dr. Paul Dabney has been a godsend. There has been two times he has helped me out of a bad situation regarding some gut issues. He quickly responded so that I could improve the situation as fast as possible! I highly recommend him.

-Michelle N.

Dr Dabney's willingness to provide information, options, and his amazing kindness truly has touched my heart. Makes me feel like I may truly be able to find some relief with all the health issues I have been experiencing! Thank you Dr Dabney!!

- Tiffany D.

Dr Paul Dabney has very helpful advise! He was professional and caring!

- Lucy C.

Dr. Paul Dabney provided excellent service. I was experiencing some rather ominous symptoms and he guided me patiently through a list of possibilities for natural treatment that really made a difference pretty much immediately. Highly recommend.

- Jamie C.

I went onto a Parkinson's forum because I was worried about my memory! Dr Dabney waded in and recommended neuroma and associated supplements! He offered free advice unaffiliated to any company. Wow! What an immediate and sustained improvement! Thank you so much xx

- Angela M.

I was introduced to Dr. Dabney via an ulcerative colitis forum I was on to seek information for my 11 year old daughter who was diagnosed with UC in January 2018. He graciously offered to be part of my daughter’s team and he asked me to call him with my questions...ON A SATURDAY!! He gave me an hour of his time and provided information and advice on ways to heal my daughter’s gut in conjunction with the medication she’s taking. I can’t think of any other doctor who would do this for someone they know, let alone a complete stranger! Thank you, Dr. Dabney for giving us hope!

- Brittany B.

Dr. Dabney is the best! His recommendations are great and I’m excited to start my healing journey. I will totally recommend him to anyone seeking advice and solutions to their health. Thanks Doc!

- Elizabeth H.

Dr Dabney, you are a godsend!! Thank you for your amazing service and knowledgeable advice and contribution to this world! It's doctors like you who make the world a better place.  Thank you!

- Popi T.

Dr Dabney save me life . He is providing excellent care for his patients . He got a lot medical knowledge and high professionalism. Thank you for your care . I highly recommend his service.

- Agnieszka R.

Dr. Dabney, thank you for being a voice for advice and support our IBD support  group. You are a very special person, and we are all very blessed to have you lend your expertise.

- Amber L.

Thank you Dr. Dabney for your contribution,time & charity you give to all the people with IBD. Your relentless efforts helping do not go unnoticed. The advice you give means so much to people that can not afford to seek out the help they need. Thank you again on behalf of everyone in the IBD group.

- Robin S.

Thank you Dr. Paul for all your help
Great help and very kind of you to share your knowledge and expertise.

- Rene C.

Dr.  Dabney has been a tremendous help to me and the Ulcerative Colitis community. His daily recommendations and easy access for his guidance are priceless! He's a very special person with real concern for his patients.

- Carrie L.

I am quite impressed with Dr Dabney's willing heart.  It is seldom that someone who has put so much into their education will reach out to the public. Because of his kindness I have no doubt for his willingness to help others. This leads me to keep his contact information on hand. I am sure that anyone that has a paying appointment would receive care, advice and support beyond the monetary value. May your health be blessed.
Thank you  Dr. Dabney.

- Susie M.

Dr Dabney is awesome!! He provided exceptional information on how to care for my child and followed up with me days later to check her progress. He is caring and knowledgeable doctor!

- N. Wilson.

Dr Dabney, you are a godsend!! Thank you for your amazing service and knowledgeable advice and contribution to this world! It's doctors like you who make the world a better place.  Thank you!

- Popi T.

I had suffered from severe plaque psoriasis for 5 years. I had tried different things to help my problem, but, with no success. Then a friend of mine told me about Dr. Dabney and that he could help. After meeting with Dr. Dabney and discussing my health issues and my needs he was able to put together a health regimen specifically for me.

- Misty B.

Through some of the highest quality of vitamins and minerals and supplements, my body and skin have been the healthiest than in five years. I feel better and my skin finally looks healthy. Dr. Dabney has been such a help and a blessing to me. He is very kind and has your best wellbeing at heart; he is one of a kind!! Thank you Dr. Dabney for having a caring spirit and having the health and wellness of everyone in your heart.

- Anonymous

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