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Choose a more natural approach to well-being with help from a specialist that cares about your health. At the Center for Natural Health & Optimal Wellness LLC, you can take advantage of many different holistic health care services, along with attentive and personalized advice from an experienced naturopathic medicine doctor based in Decatur, GA, serving clients throughout the country.

Why Choose Holistic Care?

Take back control of your health with strategies that combine the best of contemporary and ancient knowledge. When you become an active, rather than passive participant in your life, it’s easier to feel your best and gain a more positive outlook. Improving your diet, your lifestyle, and your overall wellbeing are all goals that you can reach with help from a naturopathic specialist that understands your needs.

Most importantly, holistic health care services offers another way of treating the body and the disease process, while providing renewed hope for health and healing. Some other reasons to opt for holistic healing include:

Noninvasive healing strategies: Conventional health care systems tend to focus on controlling or suppressing the symptoms of disease solely through the use of drugs and surgery, rather than discovering and addressing the root cause.

Independent care decisions: Because you’re in control of your care, you decide what works best for your unique situation, and you choose which treatments and products you’re comfortable with.

The Beliefs of Dr. Paul Dabney

My personal belief is that many of the health problems in our country (such as gastrointestinal diseases, heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol and stress) could be abated or prevented through nutritional and educational support.

As a longtime believer in natural medicine, my goals for my clients are twofold: optimizing health and overall wellbeing with a mix of consultation, research, orthomolecular medicine, and naturopathic modalities; and providing education about existing practices and benefits of naturopathic medicine.

To find out more about my experience as a naturopathic doctor, or my services, feel free to contact me. I work with residents of Decatur, Georgia, as well as those throughout the country.


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